male eating disorder

A complete and utter failure

Well, my one day liquid fast actually resulted in a complete failure. A tragic incident occurred during the day which caused me to lose control and go on a complete pizza binge! It was quite bad, and I was very ashamed afterwords. I actually gained 3 pounds, although I know that's probably mostly temporary weight. It should come off rather quickly. Either way, I'm very disappointed in myself for letting my emotions get to me and control my actions. I'm working on other ways of working out my frustration and stress so that moving forward my fasts will be much more successful. I'm starting another one today.

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new : )

Okay hi , my name is Jessie , 
i used to be anorexic but I kinda lost track of myself and I've very disappointed in myself for doing that : ( 
but I'm getting back on track I'd love to get help and support from some new friends , and I'd also love to help and support other people !  I really dont exactly know what to say , it's so hard to find other people to support me and to support and befriend but finally I've found the perfect place ! <3 
okay do umm this is my stats ;
Current height: 5'5
Current weight: 125 D ''''' :
Highest weight: 125
Lowest weight: 85
Short term goal weight: 105
Long term goal weight: 95

I also have a little tip I use daily . Everybody knows to drink a lot of water , but drinking I've water is so much better because it burns like 500 calories a week , and I drink a lot of ice water but I also eat a lot of I've because it's like drinking water but it tricks your body into thinking pure actually eating something ! : ) just saying : ) Lowell I hope I make some friends , and I'd love to get some more tips and tricks ! Thanks : )

do you hate me?

H there everyone
I'd just like to gather some opinions on what people
think of me. I am engaged to my girlfriend of half a year (ish) and
I've known for a good while that she is anorexic and she has been very
open about talking about it. She is just good at hiding her bulimic
tendencies so, after finding out as much as i can trolling through pro
ana forums, I decided it would be wise if I help her overcome her ED. I
know she resents me for it but I can't let her slip away from me. Too
many times has it nearly happened and I would just be lost.

I'm not asking for sympathy, just simple judgement. What does pro_ana_pro_mia think of me?

TL:DR I'm trying to fix my gf, do you hate me?

i am who i am...

i've known who i am all along
it's everyone else who's told me wrong
made me fight it
made me doubt it
but you can't break me down
i always come back around
i can't forget her
i can't reject her
i must become her once again
i was unfaithful to my best friend

please, take me back
make me beautiful

i'm crawling back
please, help me
male eating disorder

Stop Eating.....Again

I am sick and tired and worn out. My latest bout with "recovery" cost me over 20 pounds in gain. I feel fat, sloppy, unattractive, and like a total loser.

Today, no more food. I'm going to do this, and I don't care if I drop dead. It beats never sleeping, being depressed and miserable all the time because of weight.

I am going to allow myself protein teas and nothing else. I use cans of Sugar Free Pure Protein Vanilla Creme shakes. They are 110 calories a can. I brew hot tea, and I put about 1.5 ounces of this into the cup of tea instead of milk, and 1 sweetener packet. I usually get about 5 cups of tea from one can of the protein. The tea is warm and tastes good and is very satisfying, so by the end of the day I have had around 10 cups of tea and about 2 or 2.5 cans of this protein for a daily calorie total of about 220 to 270 calories. Plus that gets me around 50 grams of protein so it doesn't shock the body too much like pure restriction.

I will keep my progress posted. All I know is that I can't go on acting like nothing happened. This gain is killing me from the inside very slowly.

I wish all of my LiveJournal friends the best, love you all!

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 WHAT IS GOING ON!!! i'm not new here, i used to post about a year ago but my account was deleted when I went into therapy.  I cant find any of the communities I used to post in, and it looks like hardly anyone posts anymore?  But anyway i'm back, and fat..duh stupid rehab, but im back on track!! def need support..stats...
CW: 117:(
HW: 130 (never again)
GW:105 in two weeks....HELPP!!!

anyway, add me or message me if anyone wants a text buddy for support...i dont  even have the numbers of the girls I used to txt...oh, and be in the US please:)