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Pro ana- Pro mia Support
It all starts with wanting to be beautiful
i am who i am...
i've known who i am all along
it's everyone else who's told me wrong
made me fight it
made me doubt it
but you can't break me down
i always come back around
i can't forget her
i can't reject her
i must become her once again
i was unfaithful to my best friend

please, take me back
make me beautiful

i'm crawling back
please, help me
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f0xiee From: f0xiee Date: June 15th, 2012 11:59 am (UTC) (Link)
:'{ i feel like i'm in the same boat
i was guilted into gaining weight
i hate it
i'm here if you need to talk to someone
i'm so sorry you were put in a situation like that

i don't know if you're like me at all
but i just hate my body now
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