miketim (miketim) wrote in pro_ana_pro_mia,

do you hate me?

H there everyone
I'd just like to gather some opinions on what people
think of me. I am engaged to my girlfriend of half a year (ish) and
I've known for a good while that she is anorexic and she has been very
open about talking about it. She is just good at hiding her bulimic
tendencies so, after finding out as much as i can trolling through pro
ana forums, I decided it would be wise if I help her overcome her ED. I
know she resents me for it but I can't let her slip away from me. Too
many times has it nearly happened and I would just be lost.

I'm not asking for sympathy, just simple judgement. What does pro_ana_pro_mia think of me?

TL:DR I'm trying to fix my gf, do you hate me?
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