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Pro ana- Pro mia Support
It all starts with wanting to be beautiful
new : )
Okay hi , my name is Jessie , 
i used to be anorexic but I kinda lost track of myself and I've very disappointed in myself for doing that : ( 
but I'm getting back on track I'd love to get help and support from some new friends , and I'd also love to help and support other people !  I really dont exactly know what to say , it's so hard to find other people to support me and to support and befriend but finally I've found the perfect place ! <3 
okay do umm this is my stats ;
Current height: 5'5
Current weight: 125 D ''''' :
Highest weight: 125
Lowest weight: 85
Short term goal weight: 105
Long term goal weight: 95

I also have a little tip I use daily . Everybody knows to drink a lot of water , but drinking I've water is so much better because it burns like 500 calories a week , and I drink a lot of ice water but I also eat a lot of I've because it's like drinking water but it tricks your body into thinking pure actually eating something ! : ) just saying : ) Lowell I hope I make some friends , and I'd love to get some more tips and tricks ! Thanks : )
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scorpionbee From: scorpionbee Date: December 2nd, 2012 12:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
hey as i was reading your post, it reminded me of me... i just created an account but i had one a while back when i had an ed too but then like you i let myself go... it felt good for a while until now

now i'm kinda really disappointed, i want to get back on track before i become totally disgusted with myself

if you find any helpful tips or successful diets let me know and i'll do the same!
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